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Neutering or Spaying

The main reason for spaying or neutering your pet is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to reduce antisocial behaviour. There are good reasons as to why and when you should have this procedure done and as always there are a few complications.

Spaying your bitch:

Bitches reach puberty between 6 and 9 months of age. The vulva will swell, they will attract a lot of male interest and more often than not, will bleed. A season will last for approximately 3 weeks, the last half being the time that they are fertile. This process is repeated on average every 6 months until they are elderly.


(1) Reduction of unwanted pregnancies

(2) Reduction in the incidence of breast cancer if the bitch is spayed before puberty.

(3) Reduction in the incidence of Pyometria. Pyometria is an infection of the uterus  and occurs in older, unspayed bitches. It is a silent killer.


 (1) Weight Gain.   Animals that are spayed often have reduced metabolic rates causing weight gain. This can easily be controlled by following correct feeding guidelines.

(2) Urinary Incontinence.   A small percentage of bitches may become incontinent later on in life. The bladder sphincter is toned by oestrogen. Medication can be given to control this problem.

It is our recommendation that all bitches should be spayed between 6 – 9 months of age.

Spaying your cat:

Cats are seasonally polyestrus and will cycle until they are pregnant. Our recommendation would be to spay your cat between 6 – 9 months of age in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Castrating your dog or cat:

Dogs and Cats should be castrated between 9 months and 18 months of age. The main reason for castrating your pet would be to reduce antisocial behaviour such as marking, wandering and aggression.


  (1) Castration reduces unwanted litters.

  (2)Castration reduces the incidence of Prostatic and Testicular Cancer.

  (3) Castration reduces Antisocial Behaviour.


(1) Castration can slow down your pet’s metabolism and cause weight gain. This is easily corrected by adhering to correct feeding guidelines.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with your vet or vet nurse if you are unsure whether to have your pet neutered,